I am interested in IT, AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning, PHP, Python, Metrics, Human Rights, Adaptive Technology, WordPress development, and the power of music and sound.

I took my first programming class in 1984. I became interested in cognitive computing, A.I., and virtual reality in the 1090s when I studied under a professor who helped develop virtual cockpits for Airforce training.

I have a passion for Asian Studies. I am an enthusiast of Asian art, culture, language, politics, and human rights. I focus mainly on Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan but not to the exclusion of other Asian Countries.

I am an advocate of continuing Education. I have continued my education by taking classes after being graduated in 1994 from the University of Colorado and Denver Paralegal Institute (post graduate) in 1995. I have also taken courses at Arizona State University.

The Sky Is the Razor's Edge of Human Suffering Photoshop image of camel caravan in desert
The Sky Is the Razor’s Edge of Human Suffering

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