Pictures Someone Stole Are Found

Pictures Someone Stole Are Found

U.S. Health Care and Vietnam War – Quagmire

It exists. The Vietnam War and the U.S. Health Care system are still in a quagmire.

The patient-doctor relationship and privacy.

“I am an American woman because I was born here.”  An immigrant is a U.S. citizen for various reasons.

Two worlds and several wars explode in the doctor’s office.  Two targets attempting a patient-doctor relationship.

The pastor as an organic chemist, physician, sexual sadists, jihadist, and holy warrior with “diplomatic immunity in Southern Poverty Law. He is the weakest link but the strongest link as a hand-picked liability in the continued war on Vietnam and civilians.

The sick kitten, the dead dog, and the chipped pet. The invisible worm because “Rose Thou Art Sick”.

"The Sick Rose" William Blake image of rose with poem
“The Sick Rose” William Blake